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Our products


Formulated to provide the best possible experience

During the design phase, our engineers consider every aspect to ensure the user's comfort and security, a robust communication of the bike with the system and allowing different functionalities to guarantee an easy and secure integration of the bike to road traffic.

We nevertheless recognize the need to adjust to the specific traits of each project and therefore offer the possibility of adapting the product to the specifications or the legal requirements of each municipality.

What always remains in our E-Bike is their reliable electric engines and levels of assisted pedalling, offering the possibility of a configurable speed; GPS based fleet tracking and a safe design that helps prevent potential acts of vandalism.

Kiosks and Parking Stations

Maximum functionality for the user

Both our kiosks and our bike parking stations are easy to install and fit perfectly within the space available, allowing for the bikes to be correctly and safely parked for their recharge, use and maintenance.

The number of stations shall be determined according to the size of the city, its population and the estimated demand. Our stations are modular, which makes them easy to resize and redistribute; we also offer solar-powered stations for supply and recharge.

Our kiosks incorporate various features such as registration and deregistration from the service, the possibility to top up your account balance, the issue of frequent user cards, or the possibility for events or commercial firms to partner with us in promotions, advertising through the E-Bike Sharing Mobility.


Safe & clever

With our internal development of Ride On's Smartlock technology we want to enable the user to make temporary stops during his/her trip. Our Smartlock can be opened through Ride On's user application, allowing the user to safely stop at any point in his/her trip.

Thanks to the Smartlock the user trip is still open and counting and he/she can resume the trip at a later time until he/she goes into a station.

The project development has been financed by CDTI.

Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android

Our App allows users to identify themselves at the time of using the service, sign in to their account to recharge the balance, verify the status of their account, unlock the bike with your mobile device, make a reservation of a bike or a parking space at a certain station, locate the nearest station through the GPS function and contact our Customer Service.

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Our services


Advertising Media for brands

We offer our clients several advertising media to teach their target audience through the various elements comprising the system: the website, the mobile App, the bikes, and also from the kiosks located in our parking stations, which have digital screens up to 75" wide on which they can display advertising campaigns, an interesting feature for companies and brands desiring to link their name to values that are becoming ever more relevant, such as sustainability, respect for the environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Care and support

Customer care and client support

As part of the process of developing each project, we analyze the various different channels we can make available to our clients, in an effort to address any issues that may arise in relation to the use of the E-Bike Sharing service.


Real-time decision taking

All the information generated in the E-Bike Sharing Mobility is collected and aggregated in databases, complying with the legal regulations of each market, and is analysed in real time in order to identify use patterns that we can then take into account to incorporate improvements in areas such as the design of the e-Bike, the location of the parking stations, the optimal number of bicycles in each station, the main routes and duration of trips, etc.

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